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           What is Herbal Medicine and its benefits 

Herbal Medicine is the traditional form of treatment derived from plants, and has been used for hundreds of years. Today, it combines empirical knowledge with modern science and research. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), herbal medicine treatments are still the most commonly used natural medicines in the world. ​
Herbal Medicines come in many forms but are generally prescribed as liquid extracts or tablets. Liquid extracts undergo a simple manufacturing process that involves the cultivated dry plant material being combined with ethanol and water, so properties can be extracted to deliver the final product.  There are no other additives as ethanol is a natural preservative. In contrast most tablets and capsules will have binders or fillers, and a shorter shelf life. No heat or vacuum is used in manufacturing of liquid herbs which minimises the risk of degradation of the plants original biochemistry. Due to this process liquid extracts have a greater absorption than tablets. They can also be blended into unique formulas to meet the individual patient needs. 

Herbal Medicine is safe and effective when administered by a qualified practitioner.

Mrs Filiz Takar 

Medical Herbalist 


Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine